Dear Participants,

In the last years we organized workshops on our research areas. The MATCOS conferences and the miniworkshops were successful. This year we would like to invite some of those professionals who are leading experts on their own research area and can join in some sense to our working group.

As the title of our Workshop shows, we "opened the door quite wide": any topic related to discrete structures, such as discrete mathematics, graph theory, data mining, combinatorial optimization, artificial intelligence etc. are welcome both from theory and application. Since some of the participants are working on exact algorithms, while others are focusing on heuristics, do not hesitate to send papers dealing with these approaches.

The other aim of this workshop is to bring those institutes together which intend to prepare a joint project in the frame of Horizon-2020. We hope that we will be successful in this effort too.

Welcome everybody, and looking forward to meeting you in Szeged!

Organizers of the SWORDS

The workshop is supported by the European Union and the European Social Fund through project Supercomputer, the national virtual lab (grant no.: TAMOP-4.2.2.C-11/1/KONV-2012-0010)